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The Cyprus Issue- A Documentary History 1878-2007


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Murat Metin Hakkı / Bloomsbury
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Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and Britain’s colonisation of Cyprus in the late nineteenth century, ethnic rivalry has dominated the island’s divided history. This comprehensive collection of documentary evidence and archival sources offers an enlightening insight into the troubled political conflict of the island and seeks to illuminate the contested debate.

The Cyprus Issue brings together material which scrutinises relations between Cyprus and Europe over the last twenty years, exploring the impact of international and constitutional law on the dispute. Paying particular attention to judgements delivered by the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, this volume sets out the legal and political documents which inform the discourse on the subject. Arguing that a wide range of interest groups will need greater access to legal and political documentation if Cyprus is to integrate itself fully into an ever broadening European Union, this book above all provides an essential resource for scholars and researchers seeking primary source data on contemporary Cyprus

1. Hamur, karton, 664 pages, 2, 2020
ISBN: 9781350172715