Historic Cyprus: A Guide to Its Towns and Villages - Işık Kitabevi

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Historic Cyprus: A Guide to Its Towns and Villages


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Rupert Gunnis / Rüstem Kitabevi
Tür: Cyprus Books

This volume has taken three years to write-most pleasant years, which have enabled me to know even better the Cypriots, both Greek and Turk, without whose help this book could never have been written; for I have made, as far as I am aware, the first and only complate survey every village and monastery, church or mosque in Cyprus, And this task could never have been accomplished if it had not been for the willing help and assistance of the Cypriot peasant, who would frequently go miles out of his way to guide me to some ancient building; and the occasions were few and far between when my time was wasted; indeed, I can only recall one such occasion, in the Paphos district, when an enthusiastic shepherd dragged me several miles to see “ancient writing in curious letters”, wich turned out to be not so much an inscription in the Cypriot syliabary as a flat stone covered with scratches from plough passing over it.

3. Hamur, Ciltli, 495 sayfa, 1973
ISBN: 9 

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