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Getting a Life in North Cyprus


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Adrian Fleetwood / Rüstem Kitabevi
Tür: Cyprus Books

The author spent most of his professional life in marketing, firstly with the electrical appliance division of Thorn EMI, where he was marketing director of their four brands, Bendix, Kenwood, Moffat and Tricity. His later years were with Dutch Multi-national, Philips Electronics, when he was responsible for their personal care products in the UK, including the Philishave brand. Adrian, with his wife Meryl, first went to the Turkish Cypriot area of Cyprus on holiday in 1989 and made frequent visits thereafter. In 1999, they decided to try living there following Adrian's retirement the previous year.After over two years renting a villa in Bellapais, a place made famous by Lawrence Durrell in his book "Bitter Lemons", they bought some land in the nearby village of Ozankoy, about two miles to the easy of Kyrenia and built their home. Packed with information and comment about Cypriots and all things Cypriot, this book is also a widely-ranging account of their experiences before and after settling in the northern part of this ever-fascinating island. Processing steadily through the pages are many interesting and amusing characters both Cypriot and British, the latter chiefly resident ex-pats, all of whom are treated with the utmost sympathy and affection.

2. Hamur, karton, 220 sayfa, 1, 2006
ISBN: 9944-968-013 

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