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Cyprus An Island Apart
Seamus Machugh

More than a travel guide, 'Cyprus, An Island Apart', gives a modern day political perspective to ... 

Cyprus - A Land of Culture Nature and History
Elif Nihal Yazıcı

Independent Cyprus 1960-2010 Selected Readings
Hubert Fausmann , Emilios Solomou

Ancient Art From Cyprus (Ciltli)
Vassos Karageorghis

Published to coincide with the opening of the Museum of the Georg... 

The Death of Friendship - A Cyprus Memoir
Türkan Aziz

Kitap geçmişte sınırların olmadığı Kıbrıs'ta, Kıbrıslı Türk ile Kıbrıslı Rumlar'ın bi... 

Women in Working Life in North Cyprus
Yıldız Ecevit

Cypriot Costumes in the National Historical Museum
I. Mazarakis-Ainian, L. Michaelidou

The publication was prepared on the occasion of the exhibition entitled "The World of Cyprus at t... 

Identity/Identities in Late Medieval Cyprus
T. Papacostas, G. Saint-Guillain

We would like to inform you that we have started listing all our stock of Cyprus & Cyprologic... 

Topta Beraber (Yunanca)
Okan Dağlı

An Introduction to The Wildlife of Cyprus
David J. Sparrow, Eddie John

Το όνομά μου είναι ΚΎΠΡΟΣ
Kemal Bolayır

History of the Communist Party in Cyprus: Colonialism, Class and the Cypriot Left
Yiannos Katsourides

Cyprus Unity and Difference
Michael Moran

Starting as a spirited mail correspondence between Rauf R Denktaş and Michael Moran on the variet... 

The Assizes of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus
Nicholas Coureas

The 24 April 2004 Referendum and the Solution of The Cyprus Problem
Takis Hadjidemetriou

Resolving Cyprus: New Approaches to Conflict Resolution
James Ker-Lindsay

Over the past fifty years the Cyprus Problem has come to be regarded as the archetype of an... 

While The Division of Cyprus Continues
Alekos Konstantinidis

My Old Acquaintance - Yesterday in Cyprus
Barbara Cornwall Lyssarides

Manuscripts and Rare Books 15th–18th Century
L. Navari

The book includes 181 manuscripts and rare books dating from the 15th–18th century from the... 

Art Antique de Chypre
V. Karageorghis, O. Masson

The exhibition of the Foundation's coin collection at the Cabinet des Médailles of the Nat... 

By the Side of the Road
Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou

A catalogue of the trees and flora of Cyprus that may be encountered along any roadside. It aims ... 

Birds of Cyprus
Jane Stylianou

This is an easy-to-use book that is accessible to all, including children. It refers to all the b... 

Souvenir of Kyrenia
S. G. Lazarides

A publication featuring Kyrenia, from the time if its foundation in ancient times until the indep... 

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus
Lawrence Durrell

This text is part of a three part series of Durrell's writings on Greece. This volume explores th... 

The Cyprus Crisis and Cold War USSR duplicity versus Us realpolitik (1974-1977)
Makarios Drousiotis

orchestrated a coup in Cyprus, ousting its elected president, Archbishop Makarios. Five days late... 

The First Cyprus Museum in Victoria Street Nicosia
Robert S. Merrillees

This Monograph traces the genesis at the end of the 19th century of the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia.... 

Rauf Denktaş A Private Portrait
Yvonne Çerkez

Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954
Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain yıllar önce 1954′te İngiliz ordusunun bir üyesi olarak geldiğ... 

Middle Byzantine Architecture on Cyprus: Provincial or Regional
Slobodan Curcic

Slobodan Ćurčić, professor of Archaeology and History of Architecture at Princeton University, di... 

British Colonial Architecture in Cyprus 1878-1960
Costas Georghiou

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