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Aspects Of Everyday Life In Cyprus: Iconographic representations
Vassos Karageorghis

My Old Acquaintance - Yesterday in Cyprus
Barbara Cornwall Lyssarides

Cypriote Art In The Pitt Rivers Museum University of Oxford
Vassos Karageorghis

Resolving Cyprus: New Approaches to Conflict Resolution
James Ker-Lindsay

Over the past fifty years the Cyprus Problem has come to be regarded as the archetype of an... 

A Strange Destiny (Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Europe)
Umut Arık

The present volume attempts to underline the interactions among Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Europe... 

Topta Beraber (Yunanca)
Okan Dağlı

Ancient Cypriote Art in the Musee D'art Et D'Histoire Geneva
Vassos Karageorghis

Ancient Cypriote Art in the Musee d'art et d'histoire, Geneva, by Vassos Karageorghis Musee d'art... 

The Death of Friendship - A Cyprus Memoir
Türkan Aziz

Kitap geçmişte sınırların olmadığı Kıbrıs'ta, Kıbrıslı Türk ile Kıbrıslı Rumlar'ın bi... 

Cyprus 1974 the Greek Coup and the Turkish İnvasion
Makarios Drousiotis

This book tells the story of the establishment and the activities of the illegal EOKA B organizat... 

Exploring Authentic Cyprus
Phivos Ioannides

Have you seen Agia Paraskevi chapel near Kato Akourdalia village (front book cover)? Have you swu... 

Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954
Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain yıllar önce 1954′te İngiliz ordusunun bir üyesi olarak geldiğ... 

Cyprus Cooking For Friends
Sandra Lysandrou

Cyprus Cooking for Friends: Traditional and Modern Recipes from Cyprus Including Taverna Meze and... 

A Century of International Cyprological Research
Paul Aström

In a lecture delivered in February 1996, Swedish archaeologist Paul Åström, who succee... 

Refugee in My Homeland - Cyprus 1974
Rina Castelli

Ottoman Cyprus a Collection of Studies on History and Culture
Eftihios Gavriel, Matthias Kappler, Michalis N. Michael

This volume presents new studies on various topics (primarily history, but also art history, folk... 

Sweet and Bitter Island
Tabitha Morgan

On a sweltering day in July, 1878 the men of the 42nd Royal Highlanders - the Black Watch - waded... 

Picture Book of Cyprus

Cyprus In Transition 1960-1985
John T. A. Koumoulides

Cyprus In Transition 1960-1985, ed. by John T.A. Koumoulides Cyprus in Transition brings together... 

Echoes From The Dead Zone - Across the Cyprus Divide
Yiannis Papadakis

The largest single human-made structure is a well, the Great Wall of China. This wall separated t... 

Angelina's Treasure (Cyprus 1570+)
Özay Mehmet

Angelina's Treasure, Cyprus 1570+ is a family history of Ottoman Cyprus: a story of intrigu... 

Cyprus A European Anomaly
Michael Moran

Art Antique de Chypre
V. Karageorghis, O. Masson

The exhibition of the Foundation's coin collection at the Cabinet des Médailles of the Nat... 


Guide To the Paphos Mosaics
W. A. Daszewski, D. Michaelides

Nea Paphos was founded at the end of the 4th century BC by the last king of Palaipaphos, Nicocles... 

Haigaz Mangoian 1907-1970
Haigaz Mangoian

An album with selected photographs taken from the archives of the Armenian photographer Haigaz Ma... 

Breeding Birds of Cyprus (Hardcover)
L. Kourtellarides

A luxurious volume which records in detail all breeding birds of Cyprus. Birds are listed by fami... 

The Cyprus Monuments
Vassos Karageorghis

A History Of Cyprus
Katia Hadjidemetriou

Cyprus Revenue Stamps 1872-1997
Christopher J. Podger

Covers Ottoman and British periods, Republic and Turkish Cyprus, a wonderful study of the stamps,... 

Το όνομά μου είναι ΚΎΠΡΟΣ
Kemal Bolayır

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