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The Facilitators
Spiros Hacıgregoryu (Spyros Hadjigregoriou)

The UN Representatives and advisers to Cyprus 1964-2014

Souvenir of Kyrenia
S. G. Lazarides

A publication featuring Kyrenia, from the time if its foundation in ancient times until the indep... 

For The Love of Wine - The Secret of the Grapes of Cyprus (Russian)
Christiane Sternberg , Marcos Gittis

Aromatic and Spicy Plants in Cyprus
Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou

This book describes 206 woody, flowering, non-flowering and aromatic and spicy plants (189 specie... 

Healthy Living in Cyprus
Mariam Khan

Reflections on the Cyprus Problem
Ahmet Sözen

The Cyprus coflict is one of the unresolved and long-lasting issues of the international communit... 

Topta Beraber (Yunanca)
Okan Dağlı

The Ortega Report

Historic Nicosia
D. Michaelides

Führer der Paphos Mosaiken (German)
W. A. Daszewski, D. Michaelides

The Assizes of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus
Nicholas Coureas

The First Partition Cyprus 1963-1964
Makarios Drousiotis

The circumstances which led to the turbulent events of 1963 remain one of the most obscure aspect... 

Isle of Discord: Nationalism, Imperialism and the Making of the Cyprus Problem
Yiannis D. Stefanidis

This inquiry into the post-war origins of the Cyprus question is based on previously unpublished ... 

Modern Glazed Pottery of Cyprus Lapithos Ware
Eleni Papdemetriou

Rauf Denktaş A Private Portrait (Hardcover)
Yvonne Çerkez

Art Antique de Chypre
V. Karageorghis, O. Masson

The exhibition of the Foundation's coin collection at the Cabinet des Médailles of the Nat... 

Rauf Denktaş A Private Portrait
Yvonne Çerkez

Cyprus Nationalism and International Politics
Michael A. Attalides

Sendall in Cyprus 1892 - 1898: A Governor in Bondage
Diana Markides

This vivid account of the administration of Cyprus headed by Sir Walter Sendall at the end ... 

Harry Luke

Doors of Larnaca
Savvas Georgiou

Crusader Castles of Cyprus - the fortifications of cyprus under the lusignans 1191-1489
James Petre

Cyprus Our Green Island of Hope
Hüseyin Irdad, Ulus Irkad

Today we had a couple as guests from the other side. It seemed that like many Greeks and Turks, t... 

Women in Working Life in North Cyprus
Yıldız Ecevit

Ottoman Cyprus a Collection of Studies on History and Culture
Eftihios Gavriel, Matthias Kappler, Michalis N. Michael

This volume presents new studies on various topics (primarily history, but also art history, folk... 

For The Love of Wine - The Secret of the Grapes of Cyprus (English)
Christiane Sternberg, Marcos Gittis

The International Role of Late Antique Cyprus
G. W. Bowersock

In a lecture delivered in March 1998, Glen Warren Bowersock, professor of Ancient History at the ... 

History of Maronites Religious, Cultural and Political
Butros Dau

History of Maronites Religious, Cultural and Political, by Rev. Butros Dau

The Ethic of Reconciliation
Ari Sitas

Kypros-minimi ge agabi (Yunanca)
Giorgiu Seferis

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