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Guide to Amathus


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P. Aupert / Bank of Cyprus
Genre: Cyprus Books

The guide is a concise presentation of everything learned through historical surveys and terrestrial or underwater excavations as well as the testimony afforded by means of inscriptions and coins in tandem with geophysical, geographical and hydrological research projects. A presentation of the city's geographical position is followed by a historical account of excavations dating back to the years of the Frankish rule (1191 – 1489) and the History of the city and kingdom from the Neolithic (circa 8000 BC) to the Byzantine period (7th century AD). Salvaged specimens of sculpture, terracottas, pottery, jewelry, utilitarian and religious objects provide evidence for this historical course. A description of the city ruins is complemented by outlines and representations. The edition is amply illustrated with photographs and old engravings.

1. Hamur, 108 pages, 1999
ISBN: 5291441130202