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Ancient Cypriote Art In Russian Museums
A.G. Leventis Foundation


The catalogue comprises 217 objects whcih cover a broad spectrum of an... 

Eastern Mediterranean
Ivi Meleagrou

'Written in 1969, Eastern Mediterranean recounts the progressively tense political situatio... 

Farewell to The Old Cyprus Stories With Blue Shutters
Sevil Emirzade

Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954 and 60 Years Later in 2014
Richard Chamberlain

This book is the second edition of Richard Chamberlain's collection of photos taken in 1954/55 wh... 

An Abundance of Katherines
John Green

Gullivers Travels
Jonathan Swift

The Vampire Diaries 2 The Struggle
L. J. Smith

Torn between two vampire brothers

Damon: determined to make Elena his, he'd kill his o... 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 7/7 (Harry Potter 7)
J. K. Rowling

As he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid's motorbike and takes to the skies, leaving Privet Drive ... 

Cyprus Cooking For Friends
Sandra Lysandrou

Cyprus Cooking for Friends: Traditional and Modern Recipes from Cyprus Including Taverna Meze and... 

Führer der Paphos Mosaiken (German)
W. A. Daszewski, D. Michaelides

A Mythopoesis
Tatiana Tavoukjian Ferahian, Maria Petriades

In A Mythopoesis Tatiana Tavoukjian Ferahian (artist) and Maria Petrides (a... 

The Little Book of LYKKE
Meik Wiking

13 Reasons Why
Jay Asher

THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Featuring cover art from the Netflix original ... 

Camilla (2 Cilt Takım)
Frances Burney

Camilla, subtitled A Picture of Youth, is a novel by Frances Burney, first published in 1796. Cam... 

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Eleanor Coerr

One Of Us Is Lying
Karen Mcmanus

THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Five students go to detention. Only four leave alive. For fans of Go... 

When Pera Trees Whisper
Ahmet Ümit

As one of Turkey's most successful contemporary writers, Ahmet Ümit has so far publish... 

Andrea Busfield

Cara, Lillian and Emilia are three women of a certain age who have one thin... 

1984 - Nineteen Eighty Four
George Orwell

1984 is a dystopian social science fiction novel and cautionary tale.Themat... 

Larnaka - The Anthology

Welcome to Larnaca, a city at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and h... 

The Iron Heel
Jack London

"You have repeatedly confessed to-night, by direct avowal or ignorant statement, that you do not ... 

Animal Farm
George Orwell

It Ends With Us
Colleen Hoover

The Witcher Season of Storms
Andrzej Sapkowski

Before he was Ciri's guardian, Geralt of Rivia was a legendary swordsman. SEASON OF STORMS is an ... 

Ta Byzantina