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Chypre Panoramique
Lucie Bonato, Jacqueline Karageorghis, Haris Yiakoumis

A History Of Cyprus
Katia Hadjidemetriou

Trees and Shrubs in Cyprus
Takis C.Tsintides, Takis C.Tsintides, Charalambos S.Christodoulou

Cyprus - The Reliability of Early Maps
Tony Campbell

Lecture by Tony Campbell who succeeded Helen Wallis as Map Curator of the British Library. Delive... 

Lemba and Kissonerga
P. Croft

The guide introduces two important prehistoric settlements of the Chalcolithic period recently di... 

Führer der Paphos Mosaiken (German)
W. A. Daszewski, D. Michaelides

Footprints in Cyprus: An İllustrated History
Sir David Hunt

William Shakespeare

Independent Cyprus 1960-2010 Selected Readings
Hubert Fausmann , Emilios Solomou

Doors of Larnaca
Savvas Georgiou

The Ethic of Reconciliation
Ari Sitas

Aromatic and Spicy Plants in Cyprus (Hardcover)
Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou

This book describes 206 woody, flowering, non-flowering and aromatic and spicy plants (189 specie... 

Our Travels Through Cyprus
Valerie Michaels

A Traveller's History of Cyprus
Tim Boatswain

Tim Botswain retells the complete story of Cyprus' past and also touches on the sensitive present... 

William Shakespeare

Rauf Denktaş A Private Portrait (Hardcover)
Yvonne Çerkez

Women in Working Life in North Cyprus
Yıldız Ecevit

Reflections on the Cyprus Problem
Ahmet Sözen

The Cyprus coflict is one of the unresolved and long-lasting issues of the international communit... 

History of Maronites Religious, Cultural and Political
Butros Dau

History of Maronites Religious, Cultural and Political, by Rev. Butros Dau

A Century of International Cyprological Research
Paul Aström

In a lecture delivered in February 1996, Swedish archaeologist Paul Åström, who succee... 

Traditional Recipes of Cyprus (English)
Athos Christodoulou

Cyprus 1542 - The Great Map of the Island
F. C. Romanelli, G. Grivaud

The 7th lecture in the series “Cyprus Cartography”, entitled “Cyprus ... 

Cyprus Remembered
Reno Wideson

My Name is Cyprus
Kemal Bolayır

My name is Cyprus reveals important details about the recent past history and presents conflicts ... 

The Assizes of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus
Nicholas Coureas